Ollomol AR for Captisol

Ollomol AR for Captisol is an Augmented Reality (AR) molecular viewer developed to visualize 3D-AR images of complexes formed by Captisol with the following 12 drugs: allopregnanolone, amiodarone, carbamazepine, aripiprazole, busulfan, delafloxacin, carfilzomib, melphalan, posaconazole, maropitant, voriconazole and ziprasidone mesylate. The 3D-images were generated by molecular docking using Autodock Vina.


  1. 1.Go to your App Store (iPhone or Android) and download the app “Ollomol AR for Captisol” (it is free).
  2. Print our patterns.
  3. Point your smartphone camera at the molecule that you’ve printed out. Once the camera recognizes the target (this may take a moment), the 3D-molecule will appear.


Captisol AR

Captisol AR

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