Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and 3D-printing as technologies are transforming media and entertainment and have already impacted the world of Chemistry and Biology. These technologies have an immense potential for research and dissemination. The growth of AR, VR and 3D-printing to enhance illustrations of chemical and biological communications at papers, meetings, conferences, and trade shows in recent years means these technologies appear here to stay and to greatly expand how publishers, writers, event hosts, exhibitors, and sponsors interact with their audience.


MD.USE offers you the opportunity to try our new app for AR and VR: Ollomol AR for Captisol is an Augmented Reality (AR) molecular viewer and Ollomol VR for Captisol is a Virtual Reality (VR) molecular viewer.

Ollomol VR for Captisol                                     Ollomol AR for Captisol

MD.USE provides STL files for printing your molecules using 3D printing technology. We can also provide the 3D-printed molecules using different materials: SLA, metal, or 3D etchings inside blocks of glass.

3D printing

MD.USE brings AR, VR and 3D-printing to the world of molecules. Our clients are already using our tools in conferences, posters and papers.

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